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Hedgerows luxury Cattery

Hedgerows Cattery provides a serene and quiet environment for your cat to enjoy a stress-free stay, so you can have peace of mind knowing they're well looked after in a calm setting with space to be active and happy.

Our priority is your cat's safety, security and well-being, and our state-of-the-art, purpose-built suites are clean, dry and secure, offering your cat multiple levels to explore.


With over ten years of experience, we take your pet's care very seriously and make sure they receive the proper attention, feeding, and necessary medications. Your cat will receive personalised care, accommodating any special dietary needs, medication requirements, or other unique preferences your cat may have. And we'll keep an eye on your cat's health and well-being throughout their stay and let you or a friend or relative know of any issues that may arise while you're away.

You might also consider combining a stay at Hedgerows with our Cat Taxi or Cats At Home services. See details below.

Hedgerows Bespoke Cat Services

Hedgerows is pleased to offer an extended package of services for your cats.

From luxury accommodation at Hedgerows Cattery to our Cat Taxi and At Home drop-in services to make sure that your cat has fresh food, water and company while you're away. All your cat's needs from people you can trust.

Cat Taxi service

Hedgerows Cat Taxi is a dedicated and reliable service to transport your cat to Hedgerows Cattery, the vets or anywhere else locally. We aim to provide customers with this added convenience anytime, not just when planning a break away from home.

  • Collection from your home​

  • Exclusive transfer

  • Safe return

Your cat will travel with us in a secure and comfortable carrier along with their favourite toys and blankets so they will be relaxed and content during the journey.

Our Cat Taxi service:

  • saves you time

  • spares you the stress of a car ride with an anxious pet

  • avoids you having to rely on family and friends

  • provides peace of mind

Hedgerows Cattery - Kitten in a cat box
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Hedgerows Cattery - Cat at home
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Cats at Home* 

*Hedgerow's Cats at Home is currently available in NR14 and NR15 postcodes only. We hope to extend the service in the future.

We are thrilled to introduce our brand-new "Cats at Home" service, providing cat owners with a worry-free holiday experience while their cat remains in the familiar surroundings of their own homes.


With "Cats at Home", we'll visit your home daily to care for your cat's needs, including feeding, cleaning, and companionship. And as you'd expect, we're all DBS checked at Hedgerows.

We'll ensure your cat receives their meals, fresh water, and a clean litter box, maintaining their routine and overall happiness. Moreover, we'll offer companionship and playtime so your cat won't be without human attention during your absence. And we'll also provide you with a daily update for peace of mind.

  • Ideal for nervous, elderly or infirm cats

  • Perhaps combine this service with a stay at Hedgerows when our availability doesn't quite match your time away. Ask us for details.

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